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We are the couples Thảo and Trinh(wife) who have 12 years up to 2014 of experience doing tourism business in this small town Hoi An. We started our first cloth shop Trinh95 (95 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoian) at the year of 2000. We built ourself a reliability , quality brand of hand-made cloths (suits, trousers, ao-dai...) as well as  a satisfaction to our customers around the world. Shop was closed by the year of 2010. End of our first chapter of business .


After 10 years of a successful business, we moved again to a smaller scale of business where we are up to this moment located at 88 Phan Chu Trinh, selling souvenir items like bags, t-shirt,..which are also uniquely made in Hoian, because we believe our tourists want to bring home what is belong to their journey to show to their family, friends,...



And this year by December 2014, we open a Bed&Breakfast service called "Thanh Luan Homestay" right at our home-sweet-home (431 Hai Ba Trung, Hoian). With a big hope we could introduce this new type of service in Hoian where our guests can for sure knowing more about our living culture, foods, and of course this service is normally is cheaper than an ordinary hotel. We love what we are doing, that is a key of doing our best business to make our guests feeling like home while they are staying with us.